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Whether you’re thinking about convenience and comfortable flooring, expert would suggest having the wooden type of material. This product usually is made up of timber or coco lumber. You can then choose the design that you want for it and even the color. Choosing the best one for your home style would definitely give your house a different taste from what is common. Gold Coast areas considered this idea as one of the most typical structure to make your home easier to decorate. Under this type of flooring to use is the bamboo.  

Hardwood type is a difficult one to clean. It needs care and full understanding about the certain product. If you make even one mistake, it will result to a not so good outcome and the worst thing here is that it may not be useful anymore. You need to prepare your muscles and a lot of patience. 

The first step before cleaning your floor is to know what kind of wood it is made up of. It could be a glossy one or a thin layer and even unfinished flooring. Commonly, those wooden ones are coated with wax on type. It will help to protect and stay longer. 

Like others, we can sweep the floor by using soft broom to remove the possible dirt that can be seen by our eyes. Sweeping would not totally remove all the particles of stain. You may use your vacuum cleaner but be careful of using it. You can set your device bare floor setting to make sure that it would not create any scratches.  

It is wonderful to mop your wooden area with a wet cloth but not very watery. If you spill some coffee or milk there, immediately use a damp cloth to remove the stain and make it dry as much as possible so that the wood would not absorb the liquid down.  

If you are thinking that, using the traditional way of cleaning it could take a lot of time and you just want to make sure that every area is shiny and dust-free. You can call first the service company if what kind of solution do they use for cleaning this kind of type. Be in mind that you can’t use any kind, you are responsible for it so you have to read carefully the label. Not to choose some agents with bleach or strong chemical content.  

You can mix the reagent to one bucket of water and use your mop to scattered them to your wooden floor. After finishing it, you can rinse your mop with a clean water and then let it dry by squeezing the excess water and mop it again to your floor. If you spot some muds sticking there, you may now use a soft cloth and sprayed a little of the agent solution.  

You may keep your house dirt-free by removing your shoes before entering the house. You may use slippers in walking around the house.  

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